The Forum will bring together leaders from governments, donors, international organizations, business and academia to foster trade action in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and inspire deeper collaborations and commitments in support of further LDC integration into global and regional trade.
2018 is a turning point for LDCs and trade, with a growing trade gap between developed nations and the world’s poorest countries and increasing instability in the world economy. The momentum we generate this year must lead to further integration of LDCs into trade at multiple scales into the future.  
At the Forum, leaders and practitioners from around the world will share what they have achieved on trade development in LDCs to date, with Aid for Trade complementing national initiatives, and will commit to doing more to ensure LDCs integrate and benefit from global trade. It will culminate in a call to action to leverage trade to combat poverty and inequality and to create a more inclusive trading system. 
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Hon. Henry Amon Robin Mussa, M.P.

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism
In both business and political worlds, there is a comparatively small section of leaders; individuals who seem able to build relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and then are able to broker the relationships and make connections between people, creating partnerships and alliances, and inspiring forward impetus to ‘get things done.’
          Henry Amon Robin Mussa is one of those people, and ‘getting things done’ and driving results through collaboration, partnerships, and relationships as a Senior Cabinet Minister responsible for Trade Industry and Tourism,  is what he is all about. With an enthusiastic and genuinely friendly attitude, Mussa radiates a sincere passion for delivering results on the ground.
          Hon. Henry Mussa has a Master’s Degree (Msc) with merit in Leadership and Change Management. This qualification propped up with the 25 years of experience in the private sector, compelled Mussa in 1994 to make the life-changing decision that he could make a larger, positive impact on more people if he moved into politics. He ventured in politics as an active political activist and in 1999 was elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Chiradzulu East constituency, a position he has held on to date.
          Throughout the 17 years as an MP, Mussa has repeatedly proved his ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations. His hard work and contribution has not gone unnoticed by various Heads of State and Government along the way that in 2000, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development. In 2004 he was appointed Minister of Transport, Public Works and Housing, where he championed a number of infrastructure projects; in 2008 he was appointed Minister of Industry and Trade; in 2011 he was appointed Minister of Local Government and Rural Development; in 2014 he was appointed Minister of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development.
          As a devout Christian and married man, he is an excellent agent of change and has a documented track record of accomplishments that include the championing of the establishment of Community Technical Colleges that target to roll out in all the 28 districts of the country. Since last year his Ministry has been elevated to one of the priority Ministries aimed at championing skills development, youth empowerment and sports development.
          Mussa has since just been appointed Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism (July, 2017), and is geared to continue developing strategies that aim at promoting a competitive private sector and expand the export base of the country. He envisions unlocking the potential light manufacturing industries, agro-processing and tourism sectors.
          Prior to his joining politics, Mussa already, had a background in industry ie private sector; where he has put in 25 years of work, initially as a Shipping and Clearing Officer in African Lakes Corporation (ALC) (Mandala Ltd) and thereafter, as an Insurance broker with the same company which he then took over its operations on a management buyout in 1996.
          Other activities attributed to Mussa include; elected Treasurer General of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and Government Chief Whip of the National Assembly. He is also the Chairman and Managing Director of Eagle Insurance Brokers.
          Assuming all these portfolios clearly show that Mussa at 67 years of age and as a specialist in Leadership and Change Management has a great deal of value to contribute to the Social and Economic Development of Malawi.

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