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Daniel Blockert

Chair of EIF Steering Committee
Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Sweden to WTO
He has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Political Science, and a Master degree in International Relations, all from the University of Stockholm.
Parallel with his studies, Mr Blockert worked in the record business in Stockholm. After finishing his studies in 1999, he obtained a position as an EU Coordinator at the Ministry of Agriculture. After the Swedish Presidency of the EU in 2001, Mr Blockert then worked with trade‑related issues at the Ministry of Agriculture, mainly in connection with international organizations, such as WTO, OECD and FAO.
In 2003, Mr Blockert transferred to the Department of Trade Policy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and in 2007, he became head of the WTO unit in the same department.
In 2009, Mr Blockert took up the post as Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy in Singapore.
Early in 2011, Mr Blockert returned to the Department of Trade Policy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, where he served as a Director and Deputy Head of Department.
In September 2014, Mr Blockert was appointed Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Sweden to the WTO in Geneva. He is the current Chairman of the EIF Steering Committee and Chairman of the Committee on Regional Trade Agreements in 2016. In 2015, he chaired the Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration.
Mr Blockert is married and has a son.