The Forum will bring together leaders from governments, donors, international organizations, business and academia to foster trade action in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and inspire deeper collaborations and commitments in support of further LDC integration into global and regional trade.
2018 is a turning point for LDCs and trade, with a growing trade gap between developed nations and the world’s poorest countries and increasing instability in the world economy. The momentum we generate this year must lead to further integration of LDCs into trade at multiple scales into the future.  
At the Forum, leaders and practitioners from around the world will share what they have achieved on trade development in LDCs to date, with Aid for Trade complementing national initiatives, and will commit to doing more to ensure LDCs integrate and benefit from global trade. It will culminate in a call to action to leverage trade to combat poverty and inequality and to create a more inclusive trading system. 
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Damchae Den

From potato chips to steel Damchae Dem began life making and selling potato chips from home to augment her husbands income bringing up their four children. She pioneered construction steel in Bhutan selling under the brand Perfect TMX TMT . Her company Pelden Enterprise Ltd manufactures Ferror Sillicon selling in neighbouring India and Europe under Bhutan Ferror Industries Ltd and is FDI partner in GIC-Re the only Reinsurance Company in Bhutan.
Pelden is big on CSR and has pioneered BPO industry in Bhutan training and employing 100 youth in a unique handholding program eventually gifting the youth the business free of cost. She founded Bhutan Association of Women Entrepreneurs working towards  empowering Women and Unengaged Youth through entrepreneurship as CEO. Currently she is working tirelessly to establish Bhutans  first  Women Chamber , A Women’s Development Forum creating a conducive platform empowering unorganized sector mostly women to network and join the countries mainstream economy.